AlphaBright bright scientific light source

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AlphaBright Product Specification

AlphaBright is a bright, highly efficient broadband light source for scientists requiring intense VIS-NIR light for spectrospcopy and illumination applications.

AlphaBright directs brighter light onto the sample improving signal to noise ratio and ultimately the reliability of measurement data.

AlphaBright's patented design maintains light coupling efficiency when optical filters are inserted into the filter holder. More information

AlphaBright offers real advantages for experiments involving measurements from a distance or analysis of poorly reflecting materials.


How Bright is it?

AlphaBright is much brighter than alternative QTH sources offering improved illumination and stronger signals in optical measurement systems.

Brightness measurement view graph

AlphaBright supports analysis of poorly reflective materials such as soil & rubber or samples where illumination is at a distance from the sample.

Why is it so bright?

AlphaBright has a patented design that uses a precision manufactured bespoke optical design to maximise the amount of light coupled into the fibre.

Why it is so bright

More information on why this is such a bright light source

The design also ensures that using filters with the unit does not introduce any unexpected aberrations into the light output. More Information

Stable Output

AlphaBright is supplied with a power supply chosen to provide a stable output to keep drift and light level variation to a minimum.

The unit warms-up in approximately 10 minutes and its intensity is stable to within ±0.1% under typical conditions.

Stable Output view graph

AlphaBright performance characteristics have been tested and verified by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

The AlphaBright Design is protected by the following patents and patent applications (GB0702411.0, GB0902347.4, GB09055161.6; EP06820509.5; PCT/GB2006/004657, US12/096908; CA2633502).

For more information on AlphaBright please download our product specification sheet