Optimised design for use with optical filters

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Design Optimised for Optical Filters

As optical experts we understand that you may want to use optical filters with AlphaBright, so we have created a design where the light remains focused on the fibre optic cable when optical filters are inserted into the filter holder. Whether you are using bandpass or neutral density (ND) filters you can be certain that the filters will work as expected. What makes AlphaBright so different is best explained with a few figures.

Optical diagram without filter

Figure 1 Optical layout without filter. Light from the bulb is correctly focused by the lens onto the end of the fibre optic cable

Optical diagram with filter in standard position

Figure 2 With filter in standard position. Most competing sources either do not have a collimating lens or filters are placed between the lens and the fibre optic cable. This causes the alignment to be thrown off and results in less light than expected being coupled into the cable.

Optical diagram with filter in optimised position

Figure 3 Filter in optimised position. AlphaBright places its filter between the bulb and the lens. This ensures that no distortion occurs and the light continues to be focused on the fibre optic cable